Monday, April 2, 2012

Lets Celebrate!: Weddings

Hello once again everyone!

This last weekend, my great friends, Leslie and Whitney, got married here in Minnesota and my oh my was it absolutely beautiful! Whitney looked flawless and Leslie looked sharp as a tack.

While getting ready for the wedding, I was having a really hard time finding something to wear to a wedding. Some dresses were too short, some too long, and others just werent the right color! Another problem I had was a lot of my dresses weren't appropriate wedding attire!  I finally found something to wear, but I still wish I would have thought a little more ahead of what I should wear.

A lot of times at weddings, you see men and women that do not have the most wedding appropriate clothes on. Sometimes they are too formal, some are too revealing, or some just are wearing something that doesnt fit right. Im here to help.

So in honor of my two friends getting married and me having a hard time finding what to wear, I decided to do a post on appropriate wedding guest attire!

Depending on how formal/informal a wedding is, or even what time of day the wedding is, the dress that is more acceptable than others will change. But if you want to play it safe, I encourage people to wear a [cocktail dress] that isn't too short, revealing, and it fits right. For a more formal wedding, I am the type of person that says go ahead and wear a long dress, but it is hard to find the right one. Most weddings, nowadays.. women tend to go for the shorter dresses. Here are some ideas for you to consider: 

Curious to know what NOT to wear??? Here's a list:
  • White. (This rule has relaxed some, and you can get away with wearing a printed dress with a white background and some cream colored clothing. Just be careful not to upstage the bride.)
  • Black to a daytime wedding
  • Jeans
  • Anything too sexy or revealing
  • Anything torn, with holes, stained, too big or too small for you!
  • Anything sleeveless or strapless to a religious wedding. Bring a wrap to cover your shoulders.

I love this dress.. the length is questionable but it covers the chest and is so pretty with the lace. many women can pull this off and its a dress that you can wear to many events.

The right is too short, but it is a good example of different styles you could wear. The left side is a great dress to wear because of the length and the coverage. Great color, too!

This is something you older viewers might prefer. This is a conservative look but great for something like a wedding.

I love this dress. Perfect length and the V neckline and band around the waist adds the perfect detail for a simple dress. It covers enough to be appropriate and has thick straps so it doesnt look tacky for a wedding.

This is my favorite. Although this is an evening dress, its detailed with the one shoulder and tightening waist line. A comfortable, classy look for a wedding.

This is more conservative but again, perfect for a wedding. The color is great and it has just enough detail on the bottom. Another example of the perfect length!

This is for a more formal wedding and a good example of a long dress that would be acceptable for a wedding. Love it!

This is one of my other favorites. Its a fitted dress but perfect length and I love the detail cut on the top.Perfect!
Although this is a thin strapped dress, It is a light color so it wont look tacky or take away from the elegance of the dress. Perfect color and style for a wedding.

Men!! I didnt forget about you! Here are some ideas for you.
Here is a great example for a wedding, formal or not. There is no tie but it is a fitted suit. 
Here is a good example for khakis. Mixing and matching with colors, too! You could even wear this outfit without the jacket, but it adds to the outfit, definitely.

Here is another good example of khakis. I also wanted to point out that he is a wearing a sweater over a button up that I think looks good at anytime, anywhere. At the same time he still looks more formal than casual but no overly dressed.

Wearing just a button up with slacks is totally acceptable. But I always love to see a man build his outfit with a jacket or nice sweater. Then finish it with nice shoes and good accessories!

I hope this is helpful with wedding season soon approaching. Let me know if you want to see anything else! :)


All comments are welcome! I appreciate them so much! Thanks for tuning in and showing love! <3