Thursday, February 9, 2012

Women with insecurities! Be happy with who you are!


So many girls and women in America are struggling to lose weight and gain a flawless image and perfect figure. There is such a fear of gaining weight and being "fat". 

Here is someone who weighs 84 lbs! And is being viewed around the world as an international SEX SYMBOL
They call her the "human hourglass"
This is disappointing because an hourglass isn't skin and bones! 
Women are meant to be curvy, have excess fat and every woman is made the way they are for a reason.

View this and I hope that women everywhere can get even 1 minute of being happy with how they look and who they are. 

[You are beautiful the way you are!!!]

Beauty is only skin deep.  

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes :)

The most important thing is to be healthy. Eat well and exercise. Make goals for yourself but make them realistic and learn to be happy, healthy. :)


  1. Great post! 100% agree! if only the magazines could promote stuff like this - unfortunately all it takes is a couple famous celebs to influence women on what's body acceptable and what's not!

    if marilyn could come back, she'd teach all of us a lesson!


  2. Curvy looks sooo much better!! I think if you ask most men they agree too!

    There's a show in the UK that was shown this week showing teenagers with body confidence issues just how much magazines and advertising images are photoshopped to achieve that supposedly 'perfect' look... there should be a law against images being doctored.

    I once see Marilyn Monroe waxwork at Madame Tussards which was made to her exact measurements - I think a lot of people would be surprised to know she was actually a healthy normal dress size (UK size 14!) Great post! Jen x

  3. Hi5! Preach it sister! i just did a post on this and i'm gona post it next week. Apparently, ladies still get deceived when they look at all the flawlessness on magazine covers. This is amazing. I would rather have some flesh cos the lady in that vid looks sick and not "hot"


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