Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar 2012: Best & Worse Dressed

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I know I havent been blogging a lot lately but it is crunch time at the University of Minnesota, trying to midterms and projects done before Spring Break! :)

But you know I have to post something about the Oscars that went on last Sunday!

I loved seeing all the neutrals and whites. I think a dress of those tones looks so good on the figure and makes everyone look so elegant. I also enjoyed seeing the common black and red dresses.

Here are my top picks for the Oscars. Some are a "DUH" giveaway but others you might have not expected.

Then last, I will show you who I think was the worst dressed and why!

Here are the Winners:
Of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make it on the top list. They never disappoint. Angelina is wearing a black gown with the provocative slip up her leg. Concern? She looks so skinny! I love seeing Angelina with more "meat" and muscle.

Heres on of the neutrals I was talking about! The beige dress, accented in gold, looked so stunning on Cameron and showed off that wonderful bod! Look at those arms!

Emma Stone, actress in The Help, looked stunning in this red turtle neck gown that accented the waist. It showed off her thin but toned body and she looks amazing!

Not surprising at all, Stacy Kiebler and George Clooney steal the runway with their perfect wardrobes and stunning looks. 

My favorite! Giuliana Rancic stunned everyone in her embroidered white/ off white dress. It made her glow!

Paltrow Looks stunning in this white gown and showed of her thin, tone figure! WOW!

Have I seen her wear something like this before? Jennifer Lopez, of course, looks amazing in almost everything she wears. But I feel like she went safe this year at the Oscars. It almost looks like she has worn this type of style before.

Meryl Streep looks great in this low cut dress with sleeves. Perfect for her age, also.

This is one I wouldn't typically put on my "favorites" list because of the contrast in colors with black and yellow. But the design looks amazing and the detail really accentuates the waste and bust line. Would I choose a different color, definitely, but Nancy O'dell definitely pulled it off.

Penelope Cruz! Stunned everyone with her gorgeous figure and stunning look. Her hair to her feet she looked perfect on Sunday. Classic beauty!
I just wanted to show Stacy's dress one more time. The gather to the right side and one shoulder sleeve added balance to the dress and made her glow and look stunning! She is a true beauty!

And the worst dressed, you ask???
Sherri Shepard. Why? Not because the dress isnt stunning or have great detail, but look how TACKY it looks to have her bra be shown under such an elegant dress. That is a huge no no and especially for the occasion, I would think she would want to cover something like that. It didnt do her cleavage justice, either.

So there is my favorite and least favorite from the Oscars. 

It was my birthday week last week and just wanted to post a few photos of the fun time we had this last weekend. :)

Featured our my girlfriends: Michelle, Jena and Tavia. We went out this weekend to celebrate me being 21 in Uptown Minneapolis, MN and had a wonderful time! Thanks for everyone, again, who wished me a Happy Birthday! :) :)


  1. Hope you had a great birthday. My pick was Gwyneth. I loved that dress and the cape, so cool.


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