Monday, February 20, 2012

Look of the day! Casual Friday

So, I know its only Monday,
but my friend wore such a cute outfit out that could be seen anywhere, from a date, a date outfit, or a causal friday outfit for work!

Take a look:
Something simple: A nice off white blouse with dark faded jeans and nude pointed shoes. (I know pointed shoes are "out" but personally I think they are still very fashionable with certain outfits but anyone could wear shoes they prefer.) Either way, You can never go wrong with nude shoes. She added a Patina necklace and a leather purse from Italy! (Venice)

Adding a blazer will always enhance an outfit. She added a light salmon color blazer from forever 21 to create an even more sophisticated look (something for casual friday!)

Other accessories: Watch from Macy's

Here is something very similar but with a boot cut jean (no fade) and heavier blazer. So chic for any night out or causal Friday at the office!

Here are some other looks to consider for an sophisticated evening out, day or at work!
This one is my absolute favorite! A high waisted flared jean with a flowy polka dot blouse  that buttons up. Adding a clutch or even a thin strapped purse will compliment this outfit very well.

Other accessories: Adding a long necklace to compliment the deep neckline.

Show of your bold self! This is a great way to show off your style while still staying conservative and sophisticated. Add contrast to the outfit to add some flare!

I call this the "sailor" style because of the navy blue and white stripes with a nude blazer. Great for a day out or a casual day at the office. 

Things to consider for casual Friday:

1) Still wear "professional" dress but instead of business pants or skirt, add jeans instead.
2) Showing your shoulders is not recommended in a professional workplace. If you do, have a thick strap tank top or dress on to add sophistication.
3) If you are going to wear a dress or skirt... still make sure they go down to your knees.

Have a Happy Monday!

My 21st "Golden" Birthday is tomorrow!

I am turing 21 and am very excited! Come celebrate with me!



  1. First of all, your friends hair is INCREDIBLE! I loooove dusty pinks and I think she styled it perfectly-I also adore Alexis's outfit-casual perfection! Xo Lori

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  2. nice blog ^^
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy

  3. Thank you! Do you have a blog you would like me to follow back??

  4. Yea, it's



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