Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GUYS: Impress Your Date With How You Dress!

Hi Guys!

So today is Valentine's Day, and if you have a date tonight, make sure you [dress to impress]!

Im here to help!

Girls love looking nice for you & like her date to try just as hard. Make her [fall for you] by just showing up & looking great!

Here are some tips:

Blazers are SO in right now, for women AND men! 

Take advantage of this great trend and upgrade your wardrobe and date with a nice casual blazer. The great thing is that blazers look especially good with a dark wash pair of jeans. Your woman will think that you put extra effort forth looking good for the night, and her!

Other additions: Adding a handkerchief or add a scarf with the outfit.
Again, blazers are great to upgrade an outfit. Every woman loves a man that knows how to dress. I love this pic because he pairs it with similar color shoes, and he also cuffs his jeans! [Shows the woman you pay attention to the little things!] Which in her mind will translate to you may look at the little things in a relationship. Every girl loves a man that pays attention to details!

Note: Blazers look so nice, you can wear a simple black or white T under it, and still look as hot as Ashton Kutcher! Also, you can add to the outfit by adding jewelry like a watch or necklace of some kind.

Wanting to go more casual? Great!
Dark jeans always, ALWAYS look nice. Wear a dark pair of jeans with a simple color T, and just add a sweater. Sweaters are a great way to look nice going casual and then team it up with some regular sneakers. 

Look at this picture for example. He looks great with such a simple outfit.. But he color coordinates with blacks, whites, and grays. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with neutrals!

To add a little spice to the outfit, you can add a nice pair of sunglasses and a watch.

This is a perfect example of going completely casual. Again, Dark jeans [never fail] and then a neutral color fitted cotton T. Look at how he wears a V neck. It gives the outfit a slight more style than a traditional neck line. I would compliment this outfit with a watch or necklace, like shown. Fix your hair nice for this outfit, too! 

 but casual! Always wins!! :)

This is one of my favorites. Layers!!!!!!! Layers are IN right now for anyone and they look really nice for every occasion. This model is wearing a faded jean (Dont wear too faded!! It can make it look like you are trying too hard) but he again, teamed it up with neutral or dark colors. Dark navy, grey, and white. Button ups under sweaters are one of my favorites for men! 

This one is kind of blurry. But again, great way to go casual.. Neutral sweater with dark jeans and dark T under. Partnered with a watch. Going casual never looked so good!
One of my favorites. I love a man that wears a sexy jacket. Dark jean, Simple T, and nice, leather jack with accents in the cuff, chest and neckline. Makes you look like you have a bada** edge to you! Girls LOVE bad boys!!!
On to the shoes! So you see the great Jacket with an accented neckline with a strapped neckline. Dark T, Dark faded jeans. Trying to double impress her??? Girls ALWAYS look at a man's shoes. Some women say [a shoe says a lot about a man]. So wear a nice shoe to show off your squeaky clean personality!! hehe ;) 

This model wore some high top boots and left them loose at the top and cuffed his jeans. Stylish but showing off that he's a man's man with a boot and "scrubby" tie- job.

Great example of showing that you know how to dress!!

These are a great shoe to wear with jeans and look [sophisticated] but casual. Its a neutral color so you can wear it with anything! 

My recommendation to wear with these would be a nice black or white T with a cargo jacket and dark pants. It would look good with a blazer to but I wouldnt wear just any color. Thats why I think it would be safer to wear it with a sweater or jacket. 

So in conclusion, tonight look in your closet for things you can

1) Layer
2) Dress up or dress down
3) Add accessories
4) Look 

Look for the key items like:

Basic V neck Ts (neutrals never fail!)
Dark Washed Pants
Blazer or Jacket
A Nice Shoe or Nice Tennis

Still wanting more help?!?!

Just comment and I would love to help you out more! 
Valentines Day is the day of love, so that includes loving the way you look!!

Thanks for viewing my blog and have a fun, loving, and good- looking Valentines Day!!!!! :)


  1. Love ALL of there outfits. Great tips!

  2. hi Aisha,
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    Hope to read from you soon,

    best wishes and greets from London
    ps. love the outfits and the boys who are wearing them ;)

  3. Great post Aisha!

  4. It's so true - blazers can easily upgrade an outfit! I love that about them. And thank you so much for following :) I'm now following you on both Twitter and here! Hopefully we can be blog buddies!



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