Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar 2012: Best & Worse Dressed

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I know I havent been blogging a lot lately but it is crunch time at the University of Minnesota, trying to midterms and projects done before Spring Break! :)

But you know I have to post something about the Oscars that went on last Sunday!

I loved seeing all the neutrals and whites. I think a dress of those tones looks so good on the figure and makes everyone look so elegant. I also enjoyed seeing the common black and red dresses.

Here are my top picks for the Oscars. Some are a "DUH" giveaway but others you might have not expected.

Then last, I will show you who I think was the worst dressed and why!

Here are the Winners:
Of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make it on the top list. They never disappoint. Angelina is wearing a black gown with the provocative slip up her leg. Concern? She looks so skinny! I love seeing Angelina with more "meat" and muscle.

Heres on of the neutrals I was talking about! The beige dress, accented in gold, looked so stunning on Cameron and showed off that wonderful bod! Look at those arms!

Emma Stone, actress in The Help, looked stunning in this red turtle neck gown that accented the waist. It showed off her thin but toned body and she looks amazing!

Not surprising at all, Stacy Kiebler and George Clooney steal the runway with their perfect wardrobes and stunning looks. 

My favorite! Giuliana Rancic stunned everyone in her embroidered white/ off white dress. It made her glow!

Paltrow Looks stunning in this white gown and showed of her thin, tone figure! WOW!

Have I seen her wear something like this before? Jennifer Lopez, of course, looks amazing in almost everything she wears. But I feel like she went safe this year at the Oscars. It almost looks like she has worn this type of style before.

Meryl Streep looks great in this low cut dress with sleeves. Perfect for her age, also.

This is one I wouldn't typically put on my "favorites" list because of the contrast in colors with black and yellow. But the design looks amazing and the detail really accentuates the waste and bust line. Would I choose a different color, definitely, but Nancy O'dell definitely pulled it off.

Penelope Cruz! Stunned everyone with her gorgeous figure and stunning look. Her hair to her feet she looked perfect on Sunday. Classic beauty!
I just wanted to show Stacy's dress one more time. The gather to the right side and one shoulder sleeve added balance to the dress and made her glow and look stunning! She is a true beauty!

And the worst dressed, you ask???
Sherri Shepard. Why? Not because the dress isnt stunning or have great detail, but look how TACKY it looks to have her bra be shown under such an elegant dress. That is a huge no no and especially for the occasion, I would think she would want to cover something like that. It didnt do her cleavage justice, either.

So there is my favorite and least favorite from the Oscars. 

It was my birthday week last week and just wanted to post a few photos of the fun time we had this last weekend. :)

Featured our my girlfriends: Michelle, Jena and Tavia. We went out this weekend to celebrate me being 21 in Uptown Minneapolis, MN and had a wonderful time! Thanks for everyone, again, who wished me a Happy Birthday! :) :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pray Better! From the book: The Power of Positive Thinking

Happy Friday Everyone!

I wanted to share some things that I have been learning through a few books I have been reading on finding Peace, Happiness, Confidence, Trust, and Positivity.

One book in particular called "The Power of Positive Thinking" has been extremely helpful.
It has been teaching me how to think more positively, how to gain self- significance, how to seek in the Lord, and also how to find inner power through prayer.

Remember back when I was saying that some things were going on in my life that made me look at things from a different perspective? 

Well part of that is looking at yourself before you look at others. And in between those, seek the Lord in whatever you do. Because he will always lead you on the right path

I have been saying two particular quotes in my head SO many times a day, that they are now starting to be imprinted in my train of thought.

Those are:
1. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." from Philippians 4:13

2. "If God is for us, who can be against us?" from Romans 8:31

It helps you build TRUST in the Lord and have FAITH that everything that happens will be okay.

Try it!

I also wanted to share with you some prayer technics I have learned. They have helped me a lot in connecting with God and bringing more positivity in my life, regardless of some of the hard times that occur!

Here is the list ( in reference to The Power of Positive Thinking)

1. Set aside a few minutes each day and do not say or do anything. Use that time to think of God. 

2. Then pray orally, using natural word. Talk to God like you would anyone and say exactly whats on your mind. He understands anything

3. Pray about anything during the day. Pray as you go about your business. Use minutes during the day to think about the Lord. 

4. Dont always ASK when you pray, but instead affirm that God's blessings are being given, and spend most of your time giving THANKS!

5. Pray with the belief that sincere prayers can reach out and surround your loved one's with God's love and protection.

6. Never use negative though in prayer. Only positive thoughts get results!

7. Always express willingness to accept God's will. Ask for what you want, but be willing to take what God gives you. It may be better than what you ask for :)

8. Practice the attitude of putting everything in God's hands. Ask for the ability to do your best and to leave the results confidently to God.

9. Pray for people you do NOT like or who have mistreated you. Resentment is blockade number one of spiritual power.

10. Make a list of people for whom to pray. The more you pray for other than people connected with you, the more prayer results come back to you. 

I hope those "rules" can help you like they have been helping me. Just in prayer can you find such happiness, peace and POWER! :) 

Be happy :)))

Here are the people in my life that make me SO happy! 

My two best friends: Michelle and Maggie

Sisters :) 

little sister :) 

Peace & Love everyone! :)))))

Monday, February 20, 2012

Look of the day! Casual Friday

So, I know its only Monday,
but my friend wore such a cute outfit out that could be seen anywhere, from a date, a date outfit, or a causal friday outfit for work!

Take a look:
Something simple: A nice off white blouse with dark faded jeans and nude pointed shoes. (I know pointed shoes are "out" but personally I think they are still very fashionable with certain outfits but anyone could wear shoes they prefer.) Either way, You can never go wrong with nude shoes. She added a Patina necklace and a leather purse from Italy! (Venice)

Adding a blazer will always enhance an outfit. She added a light salmon color blazer from forever 21 to create an even more sophisticated look (something for casual friday!)

Other accessories: Watch from Macy's

Here is something very similar but with a boot cut jean (no fade) and heavier blazer. So chic for any night out or causal Friday at the office!

Here are some other looks to consider for an sophisticated evening out, day or at work!
This one is my absolute favorite! A high waisted flared jean with a flowy polka dot blouse  that buttons up. Adding a clutch or even a thin strapped purse will compliment this outfit very well.

Other accessories: Adding a long necklace to compliment the deep neckline.

Show of your bold self! This is a great way to show off your style while still staying conservative and sophisticated. Add contrast to the outfit to add some flare!

I call this the "sailor" style because of the navy blue and white stripes with a nude blazer. Great for a day out or a casual day at the office. 

Things to consider for casual Friday:

1) Still wear "professional" dress but instead of business pants or skirt, add jeans instead.
2) Showing your shoulders is not recommended in a professional workplace. If you do, have a thick strap tank top or dress on to add sophistication.
3) If you are going to wear a dress or skirt... still make sure they go down to your knees.

Have a Happy Monday!

My 21st "Golden" Birthday is tomorrow!

I am turing 21 and am very excited! Come celebrate with me!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GUYS: Impress Your Date With How You Dress!

Hi Guys!

So today is Valentine's Day, and if you have a date tonight, make sure you [dress to impress]!

Im here to help!

Girls love looking nice for you & like her date to try just as hard. Make her [fall for you] by just showing up & looking great!

Here are some tips:

Blazers are SO in right now, for women AND men! 

Take advantage of this great trend and upgrade your wardrobe and date with a nice casual blazer. The great thing is that blazers look especially good with a dark wash pair of jeans. Your woman will think that you put extra effort forth looking good for the night, and her!

Other additions: Adding a handkerchief or add a scarf with the outfit.
Again, blazers are great to upgrade an outfit. Every woman loves a man that knows how to dress. I love this pic because he pairs it with similar color shoes, and he also cuffs his jeans! [Shows the woman you pay attention to the little things!] Which in her mind will translate to you may look at the little things in a relationship. Every girl loves a man that pays attention to details!

Note: Blazers look so nice, you can wear a simple black or white T under it, and still look as hot as Ashton Kutcher! Also, you can add to the outfit by adding jewelry like a watch or necklace of some kind.

Wanting to go more casual? Great!
Dark jeans always, ALWAYS look nice. Wear a dark pair of jeans with a simple color T, and just add a sweater. Sweaters are a great way to look nice going casual and then team it up with some regular sneakers. 

Look at this picture for example. He looks great with such a simple outfit.. But he color coordinates with blacks, whites, and grays. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with neutrals!

To add a little spice to the outfit, you can add a nice pair of sunglasses and a watch.

This is a perfect example of going completely casual. Again, Dark jeans [never fail] and then a neutral color fitted cotton T. Look at how he wears a V neck. It gives the outfit a slight more style than a traditional neck line. I would compliment this outfit with a watch or necklace, like shown. Fix your hair nice for this outfit, too! 

 but casual! Always wins!! :)

This is one of my favorites. Layers!!!!!!! Layers are IN right now for anyone and they look really nice for every occasion. This model is wearing a faded jean (Dont wear too faded!! It can make it look like you are trying too hard) but he again, teamed it up with neutral or dark colors. Dark navy, grey, and white. Button ups under sweaters are one of my favorites for men! 

This one is kind of blurry. But again, great way to go casual.. Neutral sweater with dark jeans and dark T under. Partnered with a watch. Going casual never looked so good!
One of my favorites. I love a man that wears a sexy jacket. Dark jean, Simple T, and nice, leather jack with accents in the cuff, chest and neckline. Makes you look like you have a bada** edge to you! Girls LOVE bad boys!!!
On to the shoes! So you see the great Jacket with an accented neckline with a strapped neckline. Dark T, Dark faded jeans. Trying to double impress her??? Girls ALWAYS look at a man's shoes. Some women say [a shoe says a lot about a man]. So wear a nice shoe to show off your squeaky clean personality!! hehe ;) 

This model wore some high top boots and left them loose at the top and cuffed his jeans. Stylish but showing off that he's a man's man with a boot and "scrubby" tie- job.

Great example of showing that you know how to dress!!

These are a great shoe to wear with jeans and look [sophisticated] but casual. Its a neutral color so you can wear it with anything! 

My recommendation to wear with these would be a nice black or white T with a cargo jacket and dark pants. It would look good with a blazer to but I wouldnt wear just any color. Thats why I think it would be safer to wear it with a sweater or jacket. 

So in conclusion, tonight look in your closet for things you can

1) Layer
2) Dress up or dress down
3) Add accessories
4) Look 

Look for the key items like:

Basic V neck Ts (neutrals never fail!)
Dark Washed Pants
Blazer or Jacket
A Nice Shoe or Nice Tennis

Still wanting more help?!?!

Just comment and I would love to help you out more! 
Valentines Day is the day of love, so that includes loving the way you look!!

Thanks for viewing my blog and have a fun, loving, and good- looking Valentines Day!!!!! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rockin' the Red Carpet... Grammys

What Red Carpet Fashion Did You Like The Most?

There were some CRAZY fashion on the red carpet last night for the Grammys, thats for sure! But who looked the best? 

You dont have to go anywhere else because I have all the best dressed right here.

Black was the "it" color of the night, but I picked a few that dazzled in gold, silver and other bright colors.

Taylor Swift in a stunning gold tone couture dress. Beautiful as always!

Bruno Mars. Lovin the suit with the button down vest. Cropped pants has became a fashion in the last year but I still wonder why sometimes. I think he could've pulled of the outfit with socks on, too :)

Dazzling in white, Carrie Underwood never disappoints. Such a sophisticated dress. I wish I could see more of a neckline!

Va Va Voom! Rihanna looked sexy in this black deep neckline dress that showed off all her goods! Cleavage, back, a bit of leg. And she rocked that blonde hair! She looks great and her performance did not disappoint! 

Kate Beckinsale... Such a beautiful lady. Perfect figure with a bow- accented beige dress. Simple, but chic!

Love the embroidery many celebs chose for their dresses on the runway! Katy Perry is keeping it classy in this wonderful baby blue gown with an accent around the waste. I wish her hair could be just as classy though! :/

Another gold tone dress on the carpet! Kelly Osbourne fits this greek style gown to a tea with the dress being brought in the waist to show of her slender curves. GORGEOUS!

Sexy Kelly Rowland never disappoints. Again, embroidery around the waist with a sheer top and neckline. A slender fit to show off her slender figure! Beautiful!

Paris Hilton makes the top, in a good way! Loving the white and gold tone dress with the embroidery and gold belt to accent the waist. love the flare at the end with the middle part of the dress getting more slender at the bottom.  great way to show of a body shape! Especially one like hers! 
Sexy Amber Rose wore this curve hugging bright yellow dress (DARING!) Although yellow is not my favorite color, the style of the dress is great and I love the high slit in the leg. I also enjoy the one shoulder and accented waist. She looked sexy, great, amazing, all the words of a beautiful woman!
Also for those who missed it, check out this crazy performance from Nicki Minaj last night!