Friday, January 20, 2012

TGI Friday Look of the Day!

Today's look of the day is inspired by all of us busy college students that never have enough time to even tie our shoes! Since it's friday, I am sure most people are making their plans for the weekend ( I know I am!) but may be tired from school today and dont want to spend too much time getting ready for the evening plans. So me and my model ( who you will be seeing a lot more of!) will show you how to take something you wear during the day and make it look like a evening outfit with just adding a few items to the wardrobe.
During the day, Michelle wore a simple tank with some dark jeans with a little fade and cute nude flats to be comfortable while running around during the day. Simple and cute!
For the evening, to spice up the outfit and make it look a little more sophisticated for the evening events, we added an off-white blazer, some nude, pointy toes heels and added a nice handbag from Italy that would complete this outfit. Now she can go anywhere and look like she spent more than 5 minutes getting ready. Whats your secrets? What do you think?

Here is a side view of how to turn the casual outfit to something more sophisticated. To make that look even more sophisticated, add accessories like a nice handbag, a watch, or a nice pair of earring. If you want a hair change, Take straight hair and curl it with a curling iron or put your hair up and add nice, noticeable earrings!

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