Monday, January 30, 2012

Need help with Pencil Skirts?

Are you wanting to know what pencil skirts would look best for your body shape?
 I am going to give you some ideas that may help you.

Do you have:

- A Hourglass Figure?
  • Choose a slim (but not tight) fit that follows the contours of the body. Go for a style that hits at or below the belly button. 
  • High wasted skirts tend to bring focus to the bust and shorten the waste. with an hourglass figure, you want to accentuate but also proportion out your curves so one doesnt look at one section of your figure. You want them to look at the whole canvas.

- Fuller Hips?
  • Make sure the skirt tapers, but just a bit. You dont want to have a skirt that goes straight down the hips because you dont want to get a "box" effect. If it is too tapered, you can look more like a lightbulb. 
  • Pick a solid (more dark) color that is in cotton or lightweight wool that has stretch so you dont get uncomfortable. 
  • Avoid bulky fabrics and to accentuate the slimmest part of your body, add a belt and wear a tucked in button up or nice cardigan or blouse to add attention to your slim waist.

- A Straight Figure?
  • Try a fitted, tapered cut in a pattern or a thick fabric to make the bottom half look more curvy.
  • Add a peplumed or ruffled jacket to add a more curvy affect to you attire or add a belt to make the illusion of an hourglass figure
  • Wear a form fitting top that will have the focal point be your waist or bust.

- A Tummy?
  • Select a style with a wide waistband to hold in the stomach. 
  • Keep the midsection free of eye-catching details, even belts, belt loops, pockets, etc.
  • Add a flowy top and even a jacket over the top to hide parts of the body you dont want people to see. But make sure the jacket is fitted because you dont want to make yourself look bigger than you are.


What I Do:

I have a curvier body shape with a bigger bust and bigger hips and butt so I always try to accentuate my waste with a belt because it is the smallest part of my body and although I like embracing my curves, I have found it I dont do things to accentuate my curves, I look bigger than I am, especially in pictures. So I wear both flowy and more form fitting tops but I always like to add a belt to my looks because not only does it add your own personal style, it also is doing something for my body shape. I am all about proportioning my short, more curvy figure!

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