Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost Another Pound!

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to share that in just 2 days, I have lost another half a pound. I have lost 7.5 pounds since I have started (I started after Christmas) . My jeans are fitting more loose now, and also my waist has been getting smaller. 

As you know I am using Weight Watchers, and the program is awesome.
When I first started though, I wasn't losing like I thought I would and I realized it was because, since I am not overweight, it takes more for me to lose then just eating better. So I increased my workouts and ever since I have been seeing consistant results. Interested in trying? I totally recommend it! 

My foods that I have eaten today thus far:

Morning: I was on the go go go!, so I grabbed a FiberOne120 bar and 2 clementines. ( Its always good to eat a fruit of veggie with each meal because it adds fiber and helps digest your food better!)
Always drink lots and LOTS of water!
Afternoon (around noon- one): Since today is my long day at school, its hard to bring my own lunch. So since I only ate 1 of my clementines this morning, I added it to lunch, because fruit and veggies are really good for weight watchers. I have done a lot of research on restaurants and what I can eat at each place. (totally recommended to do this if you are really trying to lose weight!)

So I went to [Panera Bread] because their Cream of Chicken Wild Rice Soup fits in my allowed points perfectly! Its SUPER filling too so its perfect for a day that you wont get a lot of time to sit down and have proper meals. 

Panera Bread is good, too, because it has free WiFi so on my school breaks, I can continue to do my hw in an environment I enjoy. (I love the smell of freshly baked bread, hehe)

For later: I am sure this meal will hold me over for quite some time, but because I will be on the go until late tonight, I have packed some pistachios and celery for later. I love celery! Its perfect with a little bit of peanut butter to add more flavor. (but I didnt bring any today)

Tonight, I am going to end my day with a nice workout at LA fitness.
40 minutes cardio (split)
Today is the day to work legs for me, so bring on the lunges!

How did my day sound? Thanks for following me on my journey! :)

Happy [Tuesday] Everyone! 


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