Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look of the Day!

This is a more simple look of the day but what a chic way to be simple! What I am wearing is a blouse from Forever 21 that I like to call the "Robe Shirt" because its almost like a robe because it ties in the front like a robe and is like a cardigan but different fabric. I love the color, too. Its very flowy and you can wear it for many different locations. Today I wore it with a dark pair of jeans and chocolate brown boots because salmon and brown go very well together. Shown above is how you can wear the shirt on its own with no accessories but one way to dress it up (AND accentuate your CURVES!! ) is to add a belt. In this case I added a brown belt to match the shoes and then I accessorized it with a gold watch and gold earrings (not pictured). How would you dress this up? How do you like this outfit! Comments are appreciated! :)

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  1. LOVING your blouse!


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