Monday, January 16, 2012

Look of the day! Euro Summer Chic

A year ago this week, I left for the best time of my life, Milan, Italy. In honor of the remembrance of such a wonderful time, I am showing a picture with the Duomo in the background. In this picture are my two best friends, Maggie and Michelle ( Twitter @missmaggiemer and @michellelaurene), and then me on the first day they came and visited me in such a great place. Great picture for the look of the day because it was the middle of may and summer was just beginning! So we picked some of our favorite spring/ summer casuals and headed to the city center. You know maxi dresses were in style last season! Hence Maggie and I's dresses, and also jumpers were too. Michelle sports her Jumper as a comfy, casual, but stylish outfit to roam around the city with. Maggie sports a strapless maxi with a stylish Fedora that matches! How Euro! I am wearing an H&M printed maxi and accessorized it with a tan belt around the waist to add curvature to what could be a "not so flattering" dress on my body time. I love adding belts to dresses and shirts to accentuate your waste line and bust to natural show the curves of your body. Great way to accessorize your outfits a little more while also showing off the curves of your body! Maggie used a wristlet to safely store her belongings and accessorize her summer chic look. So stylish! Something that is cool about the outfits in this picture is that if I or someone else were to see it on a rack at the store, it may look more plane than other things you may see at the store, but just adding a few accessories like a fedora, clutch or belt can make something that looks plane look stylish and eye catching!

Comment and let me know what you think! What would you add to make these pieces even better?

Ciao for now!

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