Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Hair :)

I got BANGS!
This is a BIG change for me! I usually always wear my hair with long side bangs thats curled, straight or wavy. 

Its something I have to get used to, but so far I think its a good change.

Bangs are great for winter because theres less humidity (at least for MN!) 

What do you think? :)

Happy [Tuesday] Everyone! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

A21 Campaign: Fight Against Sex Trafficking!

Hello Everyone!

I am going to be teaming up with other bloggers and the A21 Campaign, a campaign that fights against sex trafficking around the world! We are teaming up to raise donations for the cause and although it is still under wraps, it will be rolling out real soon and want to let you know about it now! Anyone who donates will be donating for this good cause and will also be entered into a drawing to win some awesome prizes! 

Stay tuned and comment if you are interested! 
& [if you have a blog and are interested in joining the cause], please comment and I would love to send you all the information!


Need help with Pencil Skirts?

Are you wanting to know what pencil skirts would look best for your body shape?
 I am going to give you some ideas that may help you.

Do you have:

- A Hourglass Figure?
  • Choose a slim (but not tight) fit that follows the contours of the body. Go for a style that hits at or below the belly button. 
  • High wasted skirts tend to bring focus to the bust and shorten the waste. with an hourglass figure, you want to accentuate but also proportion out your curves so one doesnt look at one section of your figure. You want them to look at the whole canvas.

- Fuller Hips?
  • Make sure the skirt tapers, but just a bit. You dont want to have a skirt that goes straight down the hips because you dont want to get a "box" effect. If it is too tapered, you can look more like a lightbulb. 
  • Pick a solid (more dark) color that is in cotton or lightweight wool that has stretch so you dont get uncomfortable. 
  • Avoid bulky fabrics and to accentuate the slimmest part of your body, add a belt and wear a tucked in button up or nice cardigan or blouse to add attention to your slim waist.

- A Straight Figure?
  • Try a fitted, tapered cut in a pattern or a thick fabric to make the bottom half look more curvy.
  • Add a peplumed or ruffled jacket to add a more curvy affect to you attire or add a belt to make the illusion of an hourglass figure
  • Wear a form fitting top that will have the focal point be your waist or bust.

- A Tummy?
  • Select a style with a wide waistband to hold in the stomach. 
  • Keep the midsection free of eye-catching details, even belts, belt loops, pockets, etc.
  • Add a flowy top and even a jacket over the top to hide parts of the body you dont want people to see. But make sure the jacket is fitted because you dont want to make yourself look bigger than you are.


What I Do:

I have a curvier body shape with a bigger bust and bigger hips and butt so I always try to accentuate my waste with a belt because it is the smallest part of my body and although I like embracing my curves, I have found it I dont do things to accentuate my curves, I look bigger than I am, especially in pictures. So I wear both flowy and more form fitting tops but I always like to add a belt to my looks because not only does it add your own personal style, it also is doing something for my body shape. I am all about proportioning my short, more curvy figure!

A weekend of fun! Look of the day

 I am so happy & excited about this Look of the Day because it is from friends of mine from the [east coast] that I used to study in Italy with! We had so much fun in Italy together and I also got the privilege to visit them at their school in Providence, RI this last November. We always have a blast and these ladies dress to impress, ALWAYS! Here are some things they chose for the weekend:

I got a text from Sara this weekend showing me what she is wearing out and this is what she chose. She always looks so classy and sophisticated in whatever she wears. She wore a pencil skirt with black nylons, blouse and shoes. Never can go wrong with black! Then she accented her outfit with a aqua color beaded necklace. Such a great combination of colors and choice of attire. The high wasted pencil skirt is great because it will lengthen the look of her legs and will give her that hourglass figure that every girl desires. 

Not sure what type of pencil skirt you should wear?? Stay tuned and I will help you!

Leah went casual with skinny jeans and a button up blouse with black pumps. Perfect for any night out occasion. As you can see the shirt is sheer and see through, which gives the some flare for the night out. Sexy!

Here is the final look of the night. Before leaving, Sara added a textured brown jacket that compliments the color of her outfit very well! The girls look great and look like they are ready for some fun!

"Friends Forever"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Warm in Minnesota Today!

It's so warm (compared to other days) in MN today that I even got to take my heavy winter jacket off! 
What a great feeling!
It reminded me of Spring, oh how I love Spring, and decided to do a look of the day inspired by Spring and anything [warm and tropical].
That brings my mind to Barcelona, Spain, when my friends and I were there vacationing and it was one of the most beautiful places. 
Check it out:

One of the most [FUN & Beautiful] places I have ever been.
The outfit that was inspired by this place was a pretty sun dress I wore one day:

A beautiful design with an open back and bright color... Perfect for Spain! It was comfortable and it just flew with the wind. It matches nice with a tan skin tone and dark hair.

Loved this outfit! 

What do you think?

What would you wear on a beautiful day in Spain.

Happy [Warm-er] Thursday! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost Another Pound!

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to share that in just 2 days, I have lost another half a pound. I have lost 7.5 pounds since I have started (I started after Christmas) . My jeans are fitting more loose now, and also my waist has been getting smaller. 

As you know I am using Weight Watchers, and the program is awesome.
When I first started though, I wasn't losing like I thought I would and I realized it was because, since I am not overweight, it takes more for me to lose then just eating better. So I increased my workouts and ever since I have been seeing consistant results. Interested in trying? I totally recommend it! 

My foods that I have eaten today thus far:

Morning: I was on the go go go!, so I grabbed a FiberOne120 bar and 2 clementines. ( Its always good to eat a fruit of veggie with each meal because it adds fiber and helps digest your food better!)
Always drink lots and LOTS of water!
Afternoon (around noon- one): Since today is my long day at school, its hard to bring my own lunch. So since I only ate 1 of my clementines this morning, I added it to lunch, because fruit and veggies are really good for weight watchers. I have done a lot of research on restaurants and what I can eat at each place. (totally recommended to do this if you are really trying to lose weight!)

So I went to [Panera Bread] because their Cream of Chicken Wild Rice Soup fits in my allowed points perfectly! Its SUPER filling too so its perfect for a day that you wont get a lot of time to sit down and have proper meals. 

Panera Bread is good, too, because it has free WiFi so on my school breaks, I can continue to do my hw in an environment I enjoy. (I love the smell of freshly baked bread, hehe)

For later: I am sure this meal will hold me over for quite some time, but because I will be on the go until late tonight, I have packed some pistachios and celery for later. I love celery! Its perfect with a little bit of peanut butter to add more flavor. (but I didnt bring any today)

Tonight, I am going to end my day with a nice workout at LA fitness.
40 minutes cardio (split)
Today is the day to work legs for me, so bring on the lunges!

How did my day sound? Thanks for following me on my journey! :)

Happy [Tuesday] Everyone! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look of the Day: Color Fun!

Look of the Day is featuring my best friend, Michelle! 

What do you think?

Michelle was wearing this outfit last week sometime and I just loved it! The first photo (left) is the colors she was wearing but I showed her she could wear so many colors with this outfit if she wanted to! Such a simple outfit but adding the extra touches like a small waste belt and flats or boots made this outfit look so much more detailed and Fashion Forward! Great thing to wear out shopping or to school or anywhere that is a casual setting! Looks great Chelly!

***Leave comments saying where you would where this! What do you like/ dislike about this outfit? ***

Happy [Tuesday] Everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look of the day!

Todays look of the day is for a classier night on the town. Im all about bring sexy, chic, but sophisticated! Here I am wear a tan/brown skirt with a Mango pink tank and a white blazer to add the sophistication. To top the outfit i wore a big jewel necklace that matches the skirt and then wore nude heels because nude heels go with everything. I added a Chanel bag, also. You can wear this outfit for so many occasions! Where would you wear it?

Friday, January 20, 2012

TGI Friday Look of the Day!

Today's look of the day is inspired by all of us busy college students that never have enough time to even tie our shoes! Since it's friday, I am sure most people are making their plans for the weekend ( I know I am!) but may be tired from school today and dont want to spend too much time getting ready for the evening plans. So me and my model ( who you will be seeing a lot more of!) will show you how to take something you wear during the day and make it look like a evening outfit with just adding a few items to the wardrobe.
During the day, Michelle wore a simple tank with some dark jeans with a little fade and cute nude flats to be comfortable while running around during the day. Simple and cute!
For the evening, to spice up the outfit and make it look a little more sophisticated for the evening events, we added an off-white blazer, some nude, pointy toes heels and added a nice handbag from Italy that would complete this outfit. Now she can go anywhere and look like she spent more than 5 minutes getting ready. Whats your secrets? What do you think?

Here is a side view of how to turn the casual outfit to something more sophisticated. To make that look even more sophisticated, add accessories like a nice handbag, a watch, or a nice pair of earring. If you want a hair change, Take straight hair and curl it with a curling iron or put your hair up and add nice, noticeable earrings!

Comment and Follow! I love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look of the Day!

This is a more simple look of the day but what a chic way to be simple! What I am wearing is a blouse from Forever 21 that I like to call the "Robe Shirt" because its almost like a robe because it ties in the front like a robe and is like a cardigan but different fabric. I love the color, too. Its very flowy and you can wear it for many different locations. Today I wore it with a dark pair of jeans and chocolate brown boots because salmon and brown go very well together. Shown above is how you can wear the shirt on its own with no accessories but one way to dress it up (AND accentuate your CURVES!! ) is to add a belt. In this case I added a brown belt to match the shoes and then I accessorized it with a gold watch and gold earrings (not pictured). How would you dress this up? How do you like this outfit! Comments are appreciated! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golden Globe Fashion Favorites!

Robertson in Rachel Gilbert. Beautiful white gown with an open back to add seductiveness to such an elegant piece. LOVE!

Jeannie Mai in a beautiful strapless red gown with an open back that was so seductive! 
Elle Macpherson wore Zac Posen and OH MY did she wear it good! The perfect amount of flare at the end with such nice detail in the fabric. Beauty!

Beautiful Jessica Alba of course made in on the top. To her sweet personality to her fabulous fashion sense, Jessica Alba is the IT girl where ever she goes! And she looks good no matter what she wears! Here she wears Gucci (One of my favorite designers!) and she looks elegant and chic with a great smile to match! What a good looking mom!

Of course, Kim Kardashian makes it on the list. The fashion diva rocked a black gown at an after party the night of the golden globes and she looks nothing but stunning. Too bad she doesn't have the personality to match! That six hours of hair and make- up sure does pay off! (latest tabloid news)

Octavia Spencer showed her elegant curves with the help of designer Tadashi Shoji. The dress is a perfect color against her skin tone and hugs her waste to perfectly to a T. The shorter trail on the dress added to the elegance along with the matching clutch she sported to match. The star of the movie "The Help" was nominated for Best Supporting Actress this year and she wore a gown that made her look like a winner! 

America's Sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon made the top with this gorgeous red strapless gown. The curve hugging dressed showed off her assets very well and had a perfect amount of flare at the bottom. She is wearing Zac Posen.

Latina beauty, Salma Hayek, rocked a Gucci gown that made her look nothing but amazing! Not only does she look great in the dress, look at her hair! The color fits her skin tone and the dress perfectly and really ties the 'fit together. She is my number 1 this year at the Golden Globes!

South African beauty Charlize Theron never disappoints me with her choice of style. She is wearing Dior Couture. What a perfect fit since she does many ads for them. She has been voted most beautiful woman in America more than once! She never fails to look amazing.

Sofia Vergara wears Vera Wang and it makes her look AMAZING with the curve hugging top half and flared spiral bottom half. Beautiful color against her skin tone and people ask why she didn't do anything more with her hair... No need to do anything with her hair because her body is her accessory! 

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler (wearing Valentino) took over the red carpet this year with their stunning combination of looks. America's most handsome man showed off his best accessory yet, Ms. Keibler. Her gorgeous curves and slender figure grabbed the attention of photographers and stole the show!

Infamous couple Brangelina rocked the red carpet in style. Brad sported his cane because of his injured ankle while Angelina was by her man's side the whole time looking gorgeous as always in a Versace gown. The red accent of the dress with her matching lipstick and clutch was perfect to show off her famous lips and eyes. Not to mention she showed a little of her daring personality with the slit of the dress going VERY thigh high! Stunning couple.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Look of the day! Euro Summer Chic

A year ago this week, I left for the best time of my life, Milan, Italy. In honor of the remembrance of such a wonderful time, I am showing a picture with the Duomo in the background. In this picture are my two best friends, Maggie and Michelle ( Twitter @missmaggiemer and @michellelaurene), and then me on the first day they came and visited me in such a great place. Great picture for the look of the day because it was the middle of may and summer was just beginning! So we picked some of our favorite spring/ summer casuals and headed to the city center. You know maxi dresses were in style last season! Hence Maggie and I's dresses, and also jumpers were too. Michelle sports her Jumper as a comfy, casual, but stylish outfit to roam around the city with. Maggie sports a strapless maxi with a stylish Fedora that matches! How Euro! I am wearing an H&M printed maxi and accessorized it with a tan belt around the waist to add curvature to what could be a "not so flattering" dress on my body time. I love adding belts to dresses and shirts to accentuate your waste line and bust to natural show the curves of your body. Great way to accessorize your outfits a little more while also showing off the curves of your body! Maggie used a wristlet to safely store her belongings and accessorize her summer chic look. So stylish! Something that is cool about the outfits in this picture is that if I or someone else were to see it on a rack at the store, it may look more plane than other things you may see at the store, but just adding a few accessories like a fedora, clutch or belt can make something that looks plane look stylish and eye catching!

Comment and let me know what you think! What would you add to make these pieces even better?

Ciao for now!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Look of the Day! Chic night on the town

Congrats on the first look of the day! I have this outfit for going out to a evening fashion show downtown. It is perfect for those looking to look sophisticated but not professional when they are going out. Short skirt from Pull & Bear over a corset like top with semi- see through sides and a low cut cleavage is perfect for a club scene or night on the town. Putting a blazer over it adds sophistication and helps to shadow the "goods" you are also showing off. Adding a blazer with puffed shoulders adds the perfect fashion flair! Colors used are black and dark tan and we used silver and a touch of red jewelry (not pictured here). Purse that was used was a Italian Leather Bag in the color red to burst the red accessory and add contrast to the outfit. Please comment and post any questions you have!

Back in Action!

Hey everyone! I have been away for SO long and I apologize! I am coming back full force with exciting new things that I am going to do for my blog and the viewers of my blog. I am going to continue to stay in touch with the best season trends, updates on celebrities and their fashion do's and dont's, fashion look of the days (my favorite!!!) and more! I cant wait to share my fashion ideas with you! Stay tuned! :-)